Technologies & Services

Wastewater treatment


S::Select® drastically improves sludge settleability for sedimentation in the final clarifiers, even with massive problems due to filaments and bulking sludge.

Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) is the predominant wastewater technology globally. One key requirement of this technology is the ability to effectively separate the liquids and solids fractions. Floating or bulking sludge, at least temporarily, has affected the treatment capacity and performance of many wastewater facilities. S::Select® solves this problem.

S::Select® offers a completely new and innovative solution which can be easily integrated into any existing CAS plant. It can result in 2-3 times capacity increase without building additional tanks.

EssDe - Deammonification

High concentrations of ammonia in effluent present a continuous problem for wastewater treatment plants. EssDe® deammonification system can solve this problem. It is a patented biological process used to efficiently and economically remove nitrogen from wastewater containing high ammonia (NH4-N) concentrations (>200 mg/L). The process uses 60 percent less energy, completely eliminates the need for methanol and produces 90 percent less sludge than traditional systems.

MABR Technology

Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology provides a revolutionary improvement in anaerobic wastewater treatment due to its highly efficient nutrient removal and its energy efficiency, compared to traditional wastewater treatment systems.

Modular and highly energy efficient wastewater treatment process.

Ideal for smaller applications, highly modular, providing 80-90% less energy used for aeration

System O))

System O)) is a revolutionary way in which wastewater is treated.  It provides a sustainable solution, and the system allows the distribution, treatment and infiltration of wastewater in a single step. 

  • Natural and ecological
  • Requires no electricity 
  • No moving parts 
  • Requires no maintenance

The technology allows water re-use. The system offers disinfection and phosphorus removal in the most eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

Ideal for dwelling houses, commercial or institutional buildings, camp grounds, rest areas, restaurants, villages, summer houses and more.

Operational Optimization – on-line

optimization with energy rates

Large processes and systems such as water and wastewater utilities can be complex to operate, especially in an optimal manner with respect to performance, energy use and costs. Energy is costly and the market has variable and volatile rates.  Smart / intelligent systems based on optimization, modelling and predictive technologies can be used to improve performance, reduce energy use and reduce operating costs.

Engineering and Support

ETA provides conceptual and preliminary designs in full support of the innovative technologies.  ETA also provides support for detailed engineering, project management, commissioning support, training and documentation.