Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) is the predominant wastewater technology globally. One key requirement of this technology is the ability to effectively separate the liquids and solids fractions. Floating or bulking sludge, at least temporarily, has affected the treatment capacity and performance of many wastewater facilities. S::Select® solves this problem.

In the secondary clarifiers, the activated sludge solids separate via gravity and settle to the bottom while the treated water is discharged through the effluent weir.

Filamentous and other undesirable microorganisms, with poor settling properties, can become more abundant and outcompete other more desirable microorganisms, negatively impacting settling. Poor settleability prevents the appropriate operation of the overall CAS system leading to possible permit violations.

S::Select® offers a completely new and innovative solution which can be easily integrated into any existing CAS plant. The process facilitates the separation of the activated sludge into heavy and light fractions. With the separation of these fractions, selective wasting can be accomplished allowing for better process control. The results are consistency in both biological and separation performance, increased capacities and greater process robustness throughout the year.

S::Select® with MIMICS® (artificial granules) can increase the Sludge Loading rate (SLR) by a factor of 2.5-3.0, which allows for re-rating of the existing plant capacity by almost 300% with only minor changes. In the re-rating process, there is no requirement to build additional tankage.

Key Benefits:

  • Doubling / tripling of capacity of the existing wastewater treatment facility
  • Very high settling velocity 3-6 m/h
  • Excellent sludge settleability (SVI <80 ml/g)
  • Excellent effluent characteristics (TSS<5 mg/L, NH4-N<1mg/L)
  • Drastic improvement of the sludge thickening with simultaneous reduction of the polymer consumption
  • Easily integrated into any existing plant (without major civil construction)
  • Realization within a few weeks
  • Easily combined with Deammonification process EssDe®
  • Extremely economical

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