Pumps, Aeration & Mixing

A treatment plant is a complex system. Its design requires high-degree expertise, consolidated experience and reliable and suitable products.

Every stage of the treatment process requires clearly defined and monitored conditions to allow the prolific multiplication of the bacteria, which carries out biological treatment of the wastewater.

We are the ideal partner for the supply of wastewater treatment components, thanks to our wide range of highly efficient and reliable products, specific for any phase of the process, from initial lifting to surface transfer.

For wastewater pumping, the use of GREY and UNIQA pumps assures high hydraulic performances thanks to impellers optimized for the duty point, with energy-saving guaranteed by the high efficiency class IE3 motors.

Fine bubble membrane diffusers, delivering high oxygen transfer with low power consumption, can be used for the aeration stage. A special stainless steel large-bubble diffuser is available for sand separation processes.

For sludge pumping during equalisation, homogenisation and denitrification processes, we are able to supply reliable, easily installed, low-maintenance mixers and flow makers.

The Grey series streamlines and updates our range with efficient, reliable products. The Grey series features completely redesigned hydraulics and motors, to guarantee high performance, low power consumption and outstanding versatility. The range incorporates models with 50 and 60 Hz single-phase and three-phase motors ranging from 1.5 to 18.5 kW.

UNIQA series pumps, designed for heavy-duty professional applications, are used in industrial and other wastewater treatment plants and for lifting sewage and pumping wastewater which contains solids.

Motors are designed with the aim of achieving the Premium (IE3) efficiency class according to the EN 60034-30 standard and guarantee high performance with low energy use.

There are various types of hydraulics, to adapt perfectly to any type of application.

The range includes models with vortex impeller  with full free passage, with channel impeller  with anti-clogging and anti-fouling systems, chopper equipped with cutting system able to grind particles of any shape or proportion, with high head, capable of delivering high hydraulic performances, and with grinding system for use with soiled liquids and where filaments are present.

Depending on the service required, each model comprises a motor-hydraulics combination chosen to provide optimal performance at the duty point, low energy use, and high reliability, thanks to the use of the materials best suited to the type of application.

The entire range is available in the DRY version, which requires no external liquid inputs and allows the electric pump to operate continually (S1 duty) even if partially submerged or installed in a dry chamber.

Our PE lifting stations are an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater and drainage water to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available, or distances are too great.

They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system; or else following rezoning when connecting an area to the mains water network.

Given their many advantages, lifting stations are today the best choice for a low cost, safe and eco-compatible solution.

ETA offers a line of aeration and mixing products for the highly specialised civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector.

9″ and 12″ disc-shaped and 2″ tubular air diffusers with elastomer membranes providing high oxygen transfer efficiency


Venturi-type submerged aerators, which ensure an efficient combined mixing and aeration action and are especially suitable for homogenization and first rainfall storage tanks

Mixers with self-cleaning propellers with direct transmission and reduction gears

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