• pH / ORP meters for water/wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage. The various sensors we offer covers a variety of application.
  • DO meters using polarography principle with very low maintenance. Suitable for very harsh environment.
  • Conductivity meters covering ranges between 0.01 – 200 µS/cm. Sensors suitable for all known applications (flow-trough, submerged, pipe).
  • Turbidity / TSS meters with measuring ranges between 0-1000 mg/L up to 0-120000mg/L. For wastewater application, sensors feature an automatic cleaning brush.
  • Residual Chlorine analyzers with very low maintenance. A flow-through installation is also offered.
  • Acid/Base meters for chemical industry, boilers, and power plants. Measures HCL, HNO3, H2SO4, NaOH, NaCL.
  • ION meters with a range between 0.2µ/L to 5000mg/L.
  • Heavy Metal Online analyzers. Based on spectrophotometry this stand-alone analyzer will measure and log heavy metals: Cu, Fe, Zn, Ge, Mn, Pb, Ni, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Total Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Fluoride, Total Arsenic
  • COD/BOD Online analyzers. This stand-alone analyzer requires very little maintenance.
  • Multi-parameter Online analyzers. Perfect solution for remote locations, this analyzer can transmit collected data in a cloud platform for easy and secure access. The multi-parameter sensor will measure depth, temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, salinity.
  • Portable and Laboratory meters. We offer handheld or desktop (laboratory): pH, Conductivity, DO, TSS, Ammonia, COD. A convenient portable multi-parameter (pH, DO, Ammonia, Nitrate, Ion) is also offered.
  • Level meters submerged. We offer a submerged level meter for water well applications with a range of 0-200m.
  • Level meters ultrasonic. This contactless level instrument also offers relay output for controlling various devices (e.g. pumps), in a compact package. Measuring range from 0-10m.
  • Sludge Level Interface meters. Used in water treatment and underwater topographic survey, with a detection range of 0-70m and 5mm accuracy.
  • Flowmeters Magnetic. A wide range of magnetic flowtubes is offered from 10mm up to 2.6m. Connections available are flange, thread, tri-clamp. To cover a variety of application both compact (flowtube and transmitter together) and remote (flowtube and transmitter separate) models are offered.
  • Flowmeter Turbine. We offer turbine meters in a range from 4mm to 300mm.
  • Flowmeter Ultrasonic. For non-invasive applications, this can be installed outside of the pipe. Offered in both portable and fixed installations.
  • Pressure sensors, in a range from negative 10 to 100MPa. Sensors can be basic (no display) or with display. Various connections available.
  • Pressure switches, with display with models including optional analog output.

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     Gabriel Pavel.