EssDe - Deammonification


Unlike the traditional expensive nitrification-denitrification method for removing nitrogen, which requires large amounts of energy and methanol, the ESSDE® process uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria (anammox) to efficiently and reliably remove ammonia from wastewater. The anammox based deammonification uses 60% less energy, completely eliminates the need for methanol and produces 90% less sludge than traditional systems. This reduces costs and is very environmentally friendly – the anammox based EssDe® process features a low carbon footprint since it sequesters carbon dioxide.

The true key to the success of the EssDe® is the anammox based patented control strategy and the biomass separation device, which maintains appropriate levels of both AOBs and anammox bacteria. The biomass separation device decouples the SRT to allow for two very different bacteria AOBs and anammox to thrive.

The process was nominated in 2008 for United Nations (UN) Most Energy Efficient Project Award.

Key Benefits:

  • Significant resource savings of at least US 1 $ / kg N when compared to any alternative process
  • 60% energy savings and no external carbon source required
  • No additional chemical required for pH-adjustment
  • Net CO2 fixation (Δ > 5t CO2/tN)
  • Minimized surplus sludge production
  • Lowest specific cost of all available systems available in the market
  • 10 years of full scale experience and more than 50 facilities worldwide
  • Numerous references for different applications such as Process Water, Biogas Plants, Landfill Leachate and Food industry

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